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Thank you for visiting Stufflers.com and we are excited that you are interested in a Stufflers. I have a strong and exciting vision for this company, and indeed this is only the beginning for our new brand. This is our starting point, our first step, our beginning - and I would love to hear from you to join me in this BEARY exciting phase of our business.

Stufflers is all about children of all ages making their own stuffed bears and animals at parties and events. For a few years now, the bear making market has been dominated in the USA by retail stores with limited party facilities yet turn over around $600 million per year. With the mobile bear packs, Stufflers is able to take this bear making experience anywhere we need to take it and capture the child party market and much more.

In Australia we stock over 100,000 items in our warehouse and service Stufflers franchises, Stufflers Wholesale buyers and Stufflers End Users for birthdays and events.

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Bear and animal stuffing plush birthday parties for children and kids homes in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast