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How many animals in each kit and what is included?
You can pick your bears individually and pay the INDIVIDUAL price cost as shown on each bear, however if you are looking for a mixed kit then the 8 and 12 piece "Party Packs" are a great money saver option.  If you pick the "Party Packs" you are sent a variety of bears as shown in that theme group. Included with every bear is a birth certificate, fluff and love insert. You can advise in NOTES on your order how many BOYS and GIRLS are coming so we can provide a mix.
Can I mix and match Stufflers from different theme kits when I buy the 8 & 12 "Party Pack"?
The warehouse will select the types of bears for you within that themed pack.  If the party child really wants a specific bear, please note that one bear in the notes field and we will be able to help make sure you get at least one of them. You can advise in NOTES on your order how many BOYS and GIRLS are coming so we can provide a mix.
How do the bears get sewn up?
At Stufflers we use a unique and specific way to close up the bears. Our bears are engineered to suit this method and are completely different than any other companies that may look similar.  The bears all have 1 way zippers or Velcro.  So once you close the zipper or zip-tie the Velcro bag it cannot be opened.  This keeps the fluff inside from any kiddies.
How do I apply one of the discounts I received?
As we have a huge number of products and our offers always change there is no automatic applying of discounts. Discounts must be taken on the cheapest item of that group in your cart. If you have an offer which is a $ discount then apply the code and enter the discount at the end.  If you are using an offer with free bears or products then first add the product to your order then remove that cost using your discount code then manually typing in the dollars at the end. Note:  If the offer is based on for example you buying "13 bears" then you can still use a 12-pack party pack as 12 bears then just buy another bear on its own giving you 12 + 1 = 13. If you do not order the item as one of the products in your cart then we can't supply.
How are the Stufflers items delivered?
We use couriers that deliver all over Australia.  Couriers generally need someone to be home for delivery.  It would be far more guaranteed that you get your order fast if it is being delivered to a business address.  If you get it delivered to your workplace then when checking out add that business name to the mailing address.

The items ship from Brisbane and takes usually 1-2 days handling then it is shipped.  We ship regular freight which in metro areas on the East Coast may take 2 to 6 working days.  Metro ADL and PER you should allow 7 to 13 working days.  If you are in a country region on the East Coast most couriers quote 5 to 10 business days.  If you need it faster we can offer express couriers and that is an additional $24 for an 8 bear pack or $37 for a 12 bear pack. The express charges is on top of the standard freight amount shown on checkout.  Please leave us notes if this is needed on the order.  We will adjust the credit card payment to add in any extra.

We usually ship in branded packaging.  So if you need plain packaging just let us know in the notes on the order
Will I get the exact Stufflers as displayed in the Party Pack?
No. The actual products supplied to you may vary, however they will always be themed correctly to your chosen kit. Remember if you want to choose all of your bears or clothes then you need to buy them separate and DO NOT order the "Party Pack". In your notes on your order you can request an exact style for the party child and we will accommodate.
FREE Items Criteria
Sometimes we offer deals and free stuff.  Stufflers does not warrant any products that were not paid for.  We are happy to replace by you picking up or you paying the postage
What is the size of the animals once stuffed?
Standard Stufflers are 16 inch (40cm) in height, .Seasonal Stufflers are 12 inch (30cm). The Stufflings used at Childcares are 8 inch (20cm). They are all measured from the feet to the ears
How do I see all the theme groups?
Select the STUFFLERS group from the drop down menus.  There are lots of themes for bears and clothes ranging from Pink&Purple and Out of This World to Boys Clothes and Emergency clothes.
How do the kids HAND-STUFF bears?
It is easy but very personal to kids.  By pushing the fluff into the arms and legs and body of the bears gives the true feeling of Bear Building. Look for the instructions on our Home Page or check out the instructions in the box.  Kids could use chopsticks or paddle pop sticks or just their fingers to push the fluff in.
How long does the bear building take?
If you follow our Party Guide then the entire process for 8 kids may be around 90 minutes.  I encourage you to follow the Bear Hunt activity so kids randomly find there bears,
Will clothes and bears interchange with Build-a-Bear or other Bear building companies products?
Yes all the items will interchange as most bear building is for 35cm to 45cm sized animals
Do I need electricity?
No.  it is all hand stuffed.
Button Batteries in Sounds?
Our sounds all have screws holding the battery covers. Then the sound boxes should be inserted inside the bear and the bear cable tie sealed. We are moving the sounds over to new labeling to meet the new standards .
Can we buy bears for Vacation Care as well?
Yes we supplied over 800 Vacation Cares in 3 years so this is a great and unique incursion activity you can do from your centre.  If the kids were to buy bears from a retail bear shop in a shopping centre they would cost around $25 to $32, so at Stufflers we have broken the boundaries and brought the price down low to allow all Vacation Cares to have a high valued activity for a much smaller price then retail. For Vacation Cares and OOSH we have special packages so best to call and book on 1800STUFFLERS or email your order or enquiry,
Do you have insurance?
Yes. We carry $20 million products and public liability insurance.
Once I receive my order can I order more supplies?
You can do that online.  Remember depending where you live, courier companies can take anywhere from 4 days to 10 days to get to you.
If I order today when will it ship?
98% of the time for parties at home we ship out of the Bearhouse within 2 business days.  80% of our orders ship same day.  The freight connote will then be emailed to you so you can track it with the freight company.
Gift Wrapping?
This service is for 1 bear with matching accessories only. The gift wrap service/price is not meant to cover party packs or multiple bears but more a gift to a child.
What is in an "All Sorts" Pack Contents?
A variety of themes, but usually no Christmas or Easter styles (unless ordered specifically).
Is Stufflers a reputable company?
We have been in the bear building business since 2010 when we developed a specific and different way of doing business.  We are the actual manufacturers of the bear items in our factory overseas.  We also supply hundreds of bear building companies around Australia with their products with our label or under OEM supply agreements.
Repairs & Warranty?
When buying a Stufflers bear there is about a 5% chance that the bear can form a hole, where the stitching has not been picked up right when it was run through the sewing machines. Sadly some of these defects can't be picked up until it is pumped up with fluff then pushed and prodded for a while. If it breaks then you can bring back to the warehouse or popup shop activity and we will fix or replace.  If we are not local to you or if we have left then the event you can view the 2-minute how to repair video at "mystufflers" on YouTube and fix fast. Or you can advise us by sending a picture and we can send you a new one in an express satchel and you just pay the $9.95 postage fee plus you can keep the damaged bear as well. Finally the other option is you can send the items back to us and we will fix or repair and we will pay the freight to return them back to you within 7 days.
Things Change?
Whilst the information provided here is accurate when written things change. We like to think that we make changes for the better. So remember you're ordering these bears for kids parties and events. Do not stress! Kids have great imaginations and adapt far better then adults. What you see as an issue is water off the ducks back to kids. Have a great event and hope to see you again.
Teachers Get Free Bears Promo
This is a fair use Promo for Vacation Care/OOSH.  It is intended for teachers/carers that are helping kids do the activity on that event day.  Its for plush items only. You must quote that offer when ordering. Each OOSH/Vacation Care program has a teacher to child ratio and that's the standard number of FREE bears we can give you when you quote the offer on ordering. If your number of Free bears looks extreme we may ask for your written policy on your centres ratio.
Keeping your Vacation Care Order
We do overbook our orders as some Vacation Care Services order but do not go ahead.  Sometimes with overbooking we may run out of an activity.  To keep your order secure please see the invoice we email you when placing order and try and remit within 7 days with the deposit. Once your order has been freighted and you change your mind and you do not want the incursion then we have a minimum 24 pack purchase for any activity that is not refundable. Freight charges are not refundable.
Credit Card Surcharge?
All payments made with VISA or MASTERCARD are subject to a 1.5% bank surcharge.  If you dont want to pay that fee that you can elect to do a bank transfer to STUFFLERS BSB: 084-269 Acct No: 73-076-1194


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