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Vacation Care

We provide Stufflers for hundreds of Vacation Care or After School Care facilities (Actually 1300 over the last 5 years all over Australia).

For a great high rate of attendance we encourage you to follow the proof in our success and use one of our activities.  Bear Building is a HIGH ATTENDANCE incursion.  I encourage you to click to open the catalogues as we have more than 30 different DIY actiivities in our warehouse.  We specialize in VACATION CARE events.

Stufflers provides more than just bears what kids can build.  We also carry Naught Gnomes, Pillows and cool seasonal items in case bears are boring for you or you want a different program this time around. All our plush activities are hand stuffing so it increases the event time.  There is no stitching or sewing as its all secured by Velcro and ties.

Over the seasons we have activities that are only in our stocks for one or 2 holidays.  Activities like Stuff an Emoji or Stuff an Instrument or Stuff your own hat or Naughty Gnome and heaps more.

Click here to view our online brochure for STUFFLERS bear Building

Stufflers now provides another 20 different DIY activites for kids besides bear building. Most are unique activities that only Stufflers can provide in bulk. These include Russian Dolls, Decorate your own Pencil Cases, DIY Kits, Slime making, Metal Elements, Fossil Dig and heaps of others.  Click the below link to the catalogue.

Click here to view our online brochure for other DIY activities we do for Vacation Cares

Stufflers also is the sole distributer of BLOCKLERS here in Australia.  Blocklers is like Lego but 1/3 of the price.  It is 100% compatible to Lego.  Some centres buy all the kits then keep them at centre and others let the kids take their activity home.  Blocklers comes with builders hats and builders certificates.  See catalogue below.

Click here to view our online brochure for our BLOCKLERS activities we do for Vacation Cares

 Click here to view our online brochure for our DIY CRAFT activities we do for Vacation Cares for Christmas

Christmas Stufflers - November & December
Meet our Elf, Reindeer, Santa, Gingerman and Sno Deer and they all come with a free hat & scarf. They are just $13 each plus delivery! WOW NEW for this year is a FREE SOUND, which makes the bear fit into the songs of Christmas PLUS a stuff your own Candy Cane for the bear

“WARNING” Keep Button Batteries out of Reach of children!
The battery in this sound is hazardous and is to be kept away from children.

If swallowed the battery can cause serious injuries if it is swallowed or placed inside any part of the body

The batteries are contained behind a screwed compartment and once it is sealed inside the bear the batteries should not be replaced by children.

Medical attention should be sought immediately if it is suspected the battery has been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body.

Easter Bunnies - March & April
Cute and adorable easter bunnies complete with a FREE stuff-your-own-egg activity! Pawfect for Easter and just $13 each!

We have flat rate shipping for $50 to anywhere in OZ.  However if you combine different activities to get to at least 100 packs then delivery is FREE.  Lots of Vacation Cares buy 2 or 3 days of activities from us and get the shipping FREE.  Also you can return any items you do not use for a full refund, so there no risk to you. (You do need to pay for any return shipping)

Ordering is EASY!
- Email and let us know your Vacation Care Centre Name, Address and 2 contact numbers (one must be a mobile).  Advise the date of the event and which activities and how many you need of each.

- Call 1800788335 and talk to us. We open 730am to 530pm OOSH days - Brisbane time.

Who are we?
John Newton is the FOUNDER of all these brands and we are 100% Australian owned. He has 4 kids and has been in Kids activities and events since 1997. With 4 school aged kids he understands what works in Schools and Vacation Cares. Stufflers puts more than 120,000 bears/plush into the hands of kids each year so let our small team offer you real personal service with a SMILE.

Teachers get FREE bears Promo
See FAQ for more information


Stufflers and Build a Bear style of Vacation Care entertainment in Australia