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Message from our Franchisor

Thank you for visiting Stufflers.com and we are excited that you are interested in a Stufflers Franchise. I have a strong and exciting vision for this company, and indeed this is only the beginning for our new brand. This is our starting point, our first step, our beginning - and I would love to hear from you to join me in this BEARY exciting phase of our business.

Please take the time to have a read through the franchising information that we have prepared for you. When you are ready for more information please send an email to franchisesales@stufflers.com or give me a call directly on +61 (0) 414 237 573. There are no pushy sales people in our business.

John Newton

Introducing Stufflers

Stufflers is all about children of all ages making their own stuffed bears and animals at parties and events. For a few years now, the bear making market has been dominated in the USA by retail stores with limited party facilities yet turn over around $600 million per year. With the invention of our Fluffenstuff Mobile Bear Stuffing Machine, Stufflers is able to take this bear making experience anywhere we need to take it and capture the child party market and much more.


John Newton, the founder of Stufflers, launched Jumping J-Jays in 1997 focusing on a professional and innovative approach to inflatable amusement hire. After 10 years of success, business awards and full penetration into the Australian market, he developed this new business model.

John has engineered and improved existing stuffing machine technologies and developed a machine that is portable, easy to use and safe for kids.

Is Stufflers or Bear Building just a CRAZE?

The concept is not a craze because stuffed and plush animals are a keepsake that have been around since 1880. Every boy, girl or adult would have a stuffed toy of their own at their home. Allowing someone to stuff it themself just adds a new level of love and closeness to the bear.

Our Business Focus

Children's birthday parties and vacation care are the initial target markets of our business. Our Fluffenstuff machines are portable enough to be picked up by parents, and we promote the pickup option as standard. to make a Stuffler you take the bear/animal skin, insert on machine and press down on the foot pedal and it comes to life.

A Stuffler is a great keepsake that kids get to take home after the party. Stufflers can have other accessories like outfits and sound chips, but the real magic is bringing the Stuffler to life!

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John Newton