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Great indoor incursion!

Make cuddly friends INDOORS at Vacation Care or OSHC.

  • Similar to Build-a-Bear, but we're mobile
  • Kids love it!!!
  • Over 35 designs
  • Seasonal themes
  • Interactive
  • Great keepsake
  • Best response when this activity is on!

How does it work?
Kids hand stuff plush animals and bear skins bringing it to shape, then they decorate or insert love and then complete the whole experience with a Birth Certificate. Kids created it and they will love it forever.

Red Nose Partner - Optional
Stufflers have partnered with RED NOSE to bring the worlds first STUFF YOUR OWN RED NOSE that fits onto any of the bears from Stufflers.  So if your stuffing a bear for Vacation Care or any of the Stufflers events you can get your very own red nose for a GOLD COIN DONATION.

How much does it cost? We increase your discount as you grow the numbers in your order. Our current deals start from the 24 pack pricing up to the 60 plus pricing.

60 Plus bears from $14 per Bear but see catalogue for full details.

Plus additional $50 Mail order delivery fee
You can send us back what you don't use before you pay final invoice.

Click here to view our online brochure for STUFFLERS bear Building

Click here to view our online brochure for other DIY activities we do for Vacation Cares

How do I book?
Call us on 1800 STUFFLERS (1800 788 335)
or email us for more information

Christmas Stufflers - November & December

Meet our Elf, Reindeer and Santa and they all come with a free hat and scarf. Just $12 each! WOW NEW for this year is a free decorate your own sleigh cart which the bear fits in as the child's take home box and a STUFF your own Candy Cane that goes on the bears arm.

Easter Bunnies - March & April

Cute and adorable easter bunnies complete with a FREE stuff-your-own-egg activity! Pawfect for Easter and just $11 each! 


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