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Hi and welcome to Stufflers Wholesale. We are the premier supplier of bears and accessories into Australia and we are based in Brisbane.

We ship all over Australia and our HUGE warehouse is full of great items to allow you to make money in your own bear building business.

How to become a stockist?


To buy from our warehouse you need to spend at least $1000 upfront and then $300 a month after that. You need to be in the bear business or starting a bear building business in your region. Proof of Bear Business name and ABN is required to buy wholesale. From that $1000 you get $800 in stock at wholesale prices and a $200 admin setup fee. We would start you on a 50% off List price for the bears and clothes. Around $19 is the list price for the 40cm bears and around $16 for 40cm clothes. So that would be after discount $9.50 and $8. If you start placing orders of $500 or more a month we can boost that to 60% discount.

If you start with the $4000 upfront then you receive $3800 in stock with a 60% discount immediately and you need to spend $500 a month to keep that discount.

At Stufflers Pty Ltd we carry around 60,000 bears and clothes in stock at any one time and over 60 different styles and themes.

What is a stockist?

A stockist is a small business or start-up that carries our products as their main product line.  A Stockist is an independent business owner that has their own business name that DOES NOT include the word STUFFLERS in it. You're not exclusive to use just our products.  You do not have the license to use the STUFFLERS name in any marketing or business name unless it is already on a signage kit purchased from Stufflers.  If you become a franchise at $45,000 then YES we provide you with the correct licensing arrangements.

How to Place orders?

  • - Download the Application form and return it to us with your business registration and ABN
  • - You get issued with a username then you can login to our warehouse and place live orders
  • - Orders should be placed between the 1st and 4th of any month.


  • - We will despatch within 7 days after payment is received. Usually we ship quicker but at these wholesale rates please allow up to 7 days.
  • - For urgent orders or orders under the monthly value or orders outside of the stock order dates then add a $25 “Special order” Charge.
  • - Freight is at your cost.  If you do not supply a freight company we will ship using the online freight company called TEMANDO and provide your credit card to them for charges.

What we stock?

  • - Bears (40cm standard and 30cm Seasonal and 20cm childcare size)
  • - Clothes to suit 40cm bears and a few designs for 30cm seasonal
  • - Sounds in Pre-recorded and Recordable plus Heartbeats.
  • - Shoes at 3 different price points.
  • - Accessories like birth certificates, love inserts, fluff and a bunch of other singles.

Signage & Display Kit

We can provide you with a full pack of signs and display stands for just $500. Ask us for the full kit of what is included.


Download the document here


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